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Graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York City. I am skilled in sports massage, myofacial & deep tissue work, studied with rolfers: head, neck & jaw; pelvis, hip & lower back. I studied Myofascial: same areas as above. I practice medical massage for both no-fault clients & those challenged by disease.


Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant - as a physical therapy student I interned at Nyack Hospital, Helen Hayes Rehab. Hospital (M.S. & Head Injury Ward), Castle Point Veteran's Hospital (spinal cord injuries, stroke patients, amputees), Letchworth Village Developmental Center for the Mentally Retarded & Physically Disabled, Storr's Hospital Juvenile Ward.

Attended the Professional Hypnosis Institute, studied the planned happiness program which included hypnosis, heterohypnosis, transactional analysis, gestalt therapy, psychodrama & success.

Qi Gong practice daily for over 10 yrs., Push Hands for 20 years as of 2009.

Founder & President of Terrafirmature Inc.



Michael F. Kelly LMT, LPTA

 giving it all an interpretation that is only that interpretation, not a reality. When SPIRIT talks to me I hear a quiet voice that speaks to me of an action, it'll say it just once. If I think about it I could talk myself out of it, if I believe it has to make sense to me. It might suggest to me to leave those coins in my pocket that I usually put on top of my dresser, later that day I'll have the exact change for something at a store. It'll suggest that I leave early for work, I'll just feel like I've got to go now, when I hit the highway traffic is backed up & I make it to work on time. I'll stop before I'm leaving & see something that I wasn't going to bring along with me & find out later that it was just what I wanted to have with me because circumstances had changed.

I always smile & say thank you because I know that SPIRIT is not something apart from my life, but is the best part of my life.

What I haven't told you about yet is how powerfully it has integrated into my work as a therapist. I seem to instinctively know where to concentrate my attention when I am working with someone. The comments from the people I work with are: How did you know that that spot was troubling me? I never told you about that area. I don't see this as being me doing it, its a collaboration.


When spirit moves you how do you determine when it is SPIRIT that is encouraging action on your part? How do you differentiate between the various calls from your psyche? I can't speak for everyone's psyche, but I do know mine pretty well, we've been together a long time now & I've had quite a few interesting & enlightening experiences.

Very often I am told that I've got a unique perspective, but I believe that's because I try to stay in the moment. I am very fortunate in that I am a massage therapist; I make physical contact with people on a daily basis. As a result I spend the time, much of my day in fact, in the present moment. As Eckhart Tolle would remind us, it is the only moment that is real, this moment now.

When you are in your mind trying to make something of the next event, you are not really paying attention to this event, but you probably already knew that. Although it seems everyone else is doing it so you can easily get caught up in it too. What does all this have to do with SPIRIT? You are likely to be encountering SPIRIT when you're paying attention. Attention to what? To this moment in its ordinariness, because when you are honoring this semi-boring moment, it begins to show you how extraordinary it can be. You've got to leave your opinions behind, because they be-     come lenses through which you process what you see  


Michael F. Kelly - Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, Certified Hypnotist, Qi Gong 10 yrs, Push Hands 20 yrs.

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