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Deep Tissue Massage:


This form of massage therapy is best executed by a skilled and experienced therapist, as the focus is the deeper layers of both muscle and fascial layers. Injuries both minor and the more serious varieties can leave, either subtle or obvious patterns in the tissues. These patterns can also be formed from routine activities performed for long hours, or short but intense duration activities. In either case the results are often postural changes becauseaof muscle imbalances, which can be addressed through a comprehensive approach of deep tissue work, exercise and stretching. Resulting in a strategy for maintaining the most effective working relationship, between yourself and the demands you plan for your body.
I see a young firefighter who was having a problem with his right shoulder, we discussed his approach to staying in shape for his work. He was running, and doing decline pushups (feet up on a chair), this particular position builds up the area just above the site at issue, but causes a bunching of those muscles that lead into the neck. Add to this a mild S-curve scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine), which causes one side of the thoracic (middle) musculature to be tighter than the other side. This coupled with the equipment he has to wear during his workday/nite (up to 115 lbs. during firefighting activities), which presses on the neck and shoulders and aggravates that right shoulder sensitivity. We worked out a different exercise that stabilizes the shoulder musculature, but does so in good anatomical alignment. Deep tissue is the best choice for this issue, we continue to manage the balance in his upper back. He continues to sleep through the night, pain free.
I work on a number of dentists, if you watch the way they work you would see that they are on one side of the patient and need to twist to approach the mouth. The twist I mentioned would occur in the middle and upper thoracics as one (dominant arm) elongates to approach the mouth while the opposite trunk muscles tighten to stabilize the frame at the pelvis primarily the lumbar (low back) muscles. Then there are the shldrs and hands to consider. Try it yourself and feel what I’m describing. Then imagine what happens when those muscles begin to tire. Deep tissue massage would be used to free up those parts of the frame that become stuck in this routine postural pattern
I work on Iron Workers, Boilermakers, Dancers, stressed out businessmen/women, stressed out moms, runners, tennis and hockey players, Tri-athletes, cyclists, many, many people that have been in auto accidents.
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