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Uses the same acupuncture points as in Shiatsu massage, these points are used to balance out the body’s energies. Imagine that the body has a finite amount of energy with the goal being the even distribution of same. Those areas that are overactive or underactive, these are what a practitioner looks for . I have found certain points to be very useful and employing them has allowed me to work more deeply in what were previously hyper sensitive muscles.
He represented the most dramatic experience of the effectiveness of Accupressure I had experienced to date.


A young man comes to the Health Club I’m working in and is booking an appt with me. I’m watching as he is practically vibrating in place. I tell him to go work out and loosen up, that I will see him last that evening so he can take his time. He comes back in 2 hours and he still appears to be vibrating in place albeit a little more slowly. He’s laying on his stomach and I’m using several of the accu points around his ankle and foot for relaxing his back. As I’m making contact with these points I feel like I’m connected with direct current, I can’t let go, then all of a sudden the energy pushes me off and then draws me back in. Meanwhile the young man on the table is audibly exhaling, first 4 short ones followed by a long shuddering one. They seem to be coordinated with the activity I was picking up from the accu points.
This prompts me to ask him “ What kind of week have you had? “, he responds by telling me, “ I graduated College last Friday, move myself and my stuff back into my parent’s house on the weekend and started my new job on Monday ( it’s now Friday )”. I say “What is that, about 300 on the stress scale? “ He was much more relaxed when I finished with him.

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