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Sports Massage:


As with deep tissue work Sports Massage is best taken with an experienced therapist. One who can differentiate between sprains , strains and other more complex issues encountered during the various training regimens. Each sport has a very specific set of muscles that are engaged, as well as joints that are impacted. A comprehensive approach to working with athletes involves very specific attention to the muscle groups, and joints for massage, as well as pinpointing the stretches that target the many layers of muscle affected, to rebalance the system. Clients often comment that they hadn’t realized they were hurting over there too. Imbalances are subtle, if not addressed they eventually conspire to get your attention.
I have a client who has a long history of having very tight muscles, and very limited Range of Motion. He’s a big guy, solidly built, likes to workout hard (weights), and he likes to play golf. He believes that because he’s got hip discomfort he probably has worn out his hip, and has been inquiring about hip replacement (surgery). I explain that we should balance out both sides and see how it behaves. After two (2) sessions of very specific massage and an adjustment to his stretching routine, he reports being 90% pain and discomfort free.
An enthusiastic runner comes to see me complaining of tenderness and discomfort in his right calf. I head over to his left leg and work on the solid piece of marble that was his left thigh. It took me about 40 minutes before I got to his complaint on the right. He was unaware of how involved his left side was in what he was experiencing on his right. As we rebalanced the muscles in his legs he began to feel them as more alive and capable.
There are many more examples, some mentioned under deep tissue of sports related issues that focused massage affects positively. You will also find current case studies on the Michael's Massage Group Facebook page.
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